Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Today was a much better day! Im feeling "okay" with the new surgery date. I am worried about trying to keep Malachi healthy for an extra ten days, especially in the middle of January when the flu and cold are running rampent! I will do my best, and trust that God will keep him healthy. I talked to the surgons secritary today and finalized the plan. We will go to Chicago on the 29th at 11 am. They will get him all tested and ready to go for the next morning. They suspect we will be out of there in about 3 hours that day. After the tests we wil head to the Ronald McDonal house to check in and get "moved in." The morning of the 30th we have to be there between 5:30 and 6 am. There you have it. That is the plan, now lets all pray it doesn't change!!

We have a CRAZY week next week! Monday it is back to the peds office for a quick check up on Malachis sinus infection. Tuesday we have all of our therpy evaluations and an appoinment at WIC (we get it for his formula because he is still a ward of the state and I am not about to turn down free formula!) Wed. we will be in chicago all day. We have court in the morning and another cardio appt. in the afternoon. Yikes thats 5 appointments in 3 days!

Well I know there are some of you reading this blog out there and we would love to know who you are!! Please leave us a message and tell us your favorite thing about winter! We would love to get to know you better!


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

I'm reading... and keeping you guys in prayer! My favorite thing about winter? It means Spring is almost here! LOL

Shari said...

My name is Shari. We live on the Oregon coast so at sea level we do not get much cold. The wind blows at very very strong gusts from October through April. We get about 25 inches of rain in that time too. My favorite thing about winter here is going to watch the ocean in a wind storm. It's beautiful and the waves are huge and rolling. I am praying Malachi stays healthy until the 30th. Lots of handwashing and sanitizer! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm reading and commenting probably more than you ever wanted,lol! I love pj days that winter brings- 3 feet of snow, no school,and of course, Dad takes the kids sledding...sometimes with Dom and mom, sometimes just Dad and the our thoughts and prayers- as surgery gets closer, would you mind if I did a blog entry for your little man on our blog? I think a lot of our readers are probably the same but you never know and is there such a thing as too many prayers??

Justin and Cortnie Lueders said...

Winter??? There's not a thing I love about it! Except maybe great neighbors who are willing to lend their bush eating snow blower ;)