Friday, January 2, 2009

Surgery and other stuff

Jan. 20th is the BIG day! The day that we have been looking forward to and dreading at the same time. The day we hand over Malachi to the skilled surgeons to fix his broken heart! Josh and I have been busy preparing ourselves mentally for the overload of emotions we will experience at the end of the month. We are focusing on the positive outcomes that this surgery will provide for Malachi. He will have a working heart, many of his other health complication will lessen, he will have more energy and he will (hopfully) stop taking majority of his medications which are currently keeping him alive! We can't wait for this to be done witth. We are thankful that Malachi will remember none of it! We will be keeping you all updated on his progress through the surgery and through out his recovery! Malachi is our hero!
Aside from all the medical issues Malachi is doing great! He is growing (now 10.13 oz) and making progress in eating, as well! He is getting more and more active and learning how to get his arms and legs under him! We are getting excited to start PT and OT. Hopfully we will get started before the 20th, but we heard there is a waiting list out here. Our lawyer is going to write the company and see if she can get our name pushed farther up on that list.
Some good news, Malachi had his VCUG donw today and we found out that everything looks normal! There is no Urinary Reflux! Josh and I are very excited to cross yet another possible complication off the list!
No other exciting news. He has a little cold Josh and I are trying everything so it doesnt turn into anything!! Please pray God keeps him healthy!
Thank you for all your support! There are a few things we would ask you to pray for.
*The docs and nurses that will be doing the surgery. Give them knowledge, steady hands and gentle touch.
*For Josh and I as we prepare for 7-10 days of recovery. This will be a very difficult time for us!
*For finances. We will be eating 3 meals a day out! Thats 21-30 meals we will ahve to buy. This expence is not in our budget but we are confident God will provide one way or another.
*Thank God for keeping Malachi healthy, for sustaining him and being the Great physician!

We are thankful for each of you!! Love you!

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Shari said...

I love your new look. And I am praying for you and the little man. He's so cute!