Friday, May 30, 2008

1st set mailed out

Well I sent out the first set of paperwork on thursday! YEAH! We are now waiting to hear back from the agency. I believe they will be contacting us next week to set up a meeting! I will let you know what I find out!

E and J

Ps. I have changed our blog, so i was updating the new one with posts from an old one. That is why you see all these posts on one day. These events have hapend over a month or so.

1st set of paper work

We got our first set of paper work in the mail! YEAH. We will be filling it out and praying over its contents over the next week or two. We want this to be our ministry and want to make sure God is being glorified through every step. We will keep you updated with any new news!

E and J

We need you!

The past few days have been great. Josh and I told his mom and dad and we are waiting to inform the rest of the family on mothers day. Since this will impact the ENTIRE family, we feel it was important to include everyone and open up discussion about it. So far, everyone has been super supportive. The only concern is about having to give the children back. I agree, this will be the most difficult part, but I also know there are more children who need a loving christian home, even if its only for a few months. We are also hoping to get a baby who will be eligible for adoption. We would love to adopt, so, keep that in your prayers.
Here are a list of prayer requests, if you get a chance please pray over this list. Thank you all for you support and love through this. When we get our first placement we will have a big party for you all to meet him or her!

*Pray that Josh and I contiune to seek God will in this situation.
*Pray for the agency we are working with
*Pray that the process goes smoothly and we get approved.

PS. Here is a link of the agency we are going through.

Children in Need

May is national foster care month. Since Josh and I are in the begining stages of getting certified to become foster parents, I figured I would give you all a few statistics. I found them on Check out the websit if you get a chance.

*16,272 children were in the foster care system in illinois on January 31, 2007.

*52% of those children were male and 38% female

*half a million children were in forster care as of sep. 30,2006

There is a HUGE need for foster parents in Illinois. Josh and I are so excited to get our first placement and to start this amazing chapter in ourlives. The process takes about 90 days. So about 3 months from now we will be expecting our first child! Please join us in praying for the future children to be placed in our home. Pray the God gives Josh and I the knowledge and patience to be foster parents. Ask the Lord to make us a blessing tho many child who will then go on the bless others.This is going to be a difficult path, but we want you all to join us. And be praying for ways you can help. These children are our future, make a difference in their lives and change the world. It will be rewarding!!Happy Foster Care Month!

(Copied from an old blog)

Our Call to Foster Parent

Here we are, it's 2008 and Josh and I are going to be married for 3 years this summer! We have been able to accomplish a lot in the past few years. Josh is soon going to be graduating from Grad school with a Masters degree in Education. He will be entering his 4th year teaching, and loves every second of it. His passion are the 6th graders in his class, and he would do anything to see them succeed. I have recently started a new job working with adults who have disabilities. It is the most rewarding job I have ever had and I am thankful daily for the opportunity. I am learning so much from the adults I interact with and I am growing as a person. I can honestly say that I LOVE what I do and I wake up every morning excited about going to work.
Our journey through 2008 has started out great. Althought the road is not always smooth, we know that God is always working at our lives. After a lot of prayer and discussion Josh and I have decided to become foster parents. We are excited to see where this turn takes us and confident that it will be rewarding in many ways. We also understand that we do not know exactly where this road will lead us. We don't know what we will encounter on the path, but we will continue to trust that God is in control and pray for His guidence along the way. We are excited and nervous as the same time. Will you join us along the way? Josh and I want to share this trip with you and hope that you will support us in prayer and encouragment. This will be one road trip you wont want to miss.
E and J