Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Peewee had his therapy evaluation today. He was in a GREAT mood, which made things a lot better. He ate wonderfully for the ST and cooperated the movement with the OT. They were surprised at how much he is doing given the circumstances of his first 4 months of life. Because he was 2 months preemie they evaluated him on 4 months vs. 6 months. He was evaluated at about 3 months. Only one month behind?? I was shocked that after all this little guy has been through he is really not that far behind!! Praise God for giving peewee the strength and strong will that he has!! We are soooo excited to get things started but we will have to wait until after his surgery! I know that he will thrive once it all gets started!!! Woo Hoo, great job peewee!!!

We are preparing for a HUGE party this weekend. We invited family/friends over to celebrate Malachi before his heart surgery. We are expecting 50-60 people! I dont know where im going to put everyone! We can't wait to pass out our "praying for Malachi" bracelets. Hopefully they will be a reminder to pray for him while he is in surgery and recovering from it!!

We are blessed and every day we find more and more things to be grateful for!!

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Anonymous said...

hope your celebration goes wonderfully- sounds like your little man is off to a great start :)