Monday, June 30, 2008


Not much new in the foster process. We start oour PRIDE training next week. I am sure there will be a lot to post once we start that.

As far at my health, i went to the doc last monday for my ultrasound. We found out that the lump is not a cyst like we all thought, but a tumor. They do not believe that it is cancerous, however they are having me get a ultrasound guided biopsy. So I go in for that early wed. morning. Josh and I are praying that it will be nothing more than a tumor. While they were looking around last monday they also found another lump, a very small lump, that they are not sure what it is. So they will also take a sample of that to test. I go in the next day to get the results. Keep praying for me, that God will comfort us through all this and that no matter what the outcome is, that we can be faithful that it is in His plan. I will let you all know how it goes.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Doc Visit

I just wanted to update you all on a few things going on with Josh and I aside from foster parenting. I went to the Doc on friday for a lump in my breast. (she didnt think it was anything to worry about, but is sending me to have a ultrasound done on it on monday.) While in the office she asked me a million questions on my health. The normal questions. She asked if I was "using protection" when I said no and that I hadn't been for almost 2 years she asked if we wanted kids in the near future. Of corse Josh and I both answered yes, we have just been waiting to see if God would bless us with one. She suggested that we start looking into infertility testing. So, thats what we are doing. I am going to make an appointment for next week. Infertility has effected family members and we know it wasn't an easy of fast process for them. We want to have our own children and the years are going by quickly (I will be 25 on friday! AHHH) Be praying for us through this process, I will keep you updated!

PRIDE Training

Well we can cross another item off or list. We have registered for the PRIDE training and will start that on July 8th. It is a class that will beging to give us tools to use with children and all the issues that come along with those children. I know this will be full of helpful information that will really help us along the way. However, I know that Christ is bigger than any class and if Josh and I put Him in control of the situation and continue to follow His will for us, then we will be okay.

Our excitment is growing daily as we are getting closer to welcoming the first child into our home. We can't help but feel overwhelmed, there is still a TON to do. Not only paperwork, but we need to prepare a room, collect all the things a baby needs. The list of things we are going to need is a mile long in itself. I tend to get more worried about this that Josh, but he quickly reminds me that God will provide. And He will!

Monday, June 16, 2008


Here is a copy of the checklist the agency gave us. This wa you can see everything we have to complete and where we are on the list.

x ECFA Foster/Foster-Adoption Application, Including your Autobiography
x Pastoral Reference
pastoral consultation
PRIDE training-27 hours
Education Advocacy class-6 hours
Application for Family Home License
Authorization for Background check
Foster Family Home information
fingerprint receipts
Medical Report
Understanding Corporal Punisment (not allowed, go figure)
fire protection/evacuation plan
Child Supervision plan
Acknowledgement of Mandated Reporter status
Certification of Inspectio for Unsafe Childrens Products
Budget form
Foster Parent/Relative Cargiver Notice Disclosure of Identifying information
Authorization for release of Driving record/insurence certification
( an "x" means we have finished that step)

After all this is completed, they agency will meet and decide if we are able to provide a loving safe home for children. After they have made their decision, assumeing we are granted approval, we will be entered into the database of foster parents. Josh and I are getting very excited. Well i better get going, I need to start the paperwork! Have a great day everyone!

E and J

Friday, June 13, 2008

Paperwork Galore

Our meeting went well on tuesday.We got all of our paperwork from the agency and DCFS. They went through most of it with us so we know what to do when filling it out. Its an overwhelming feeling looking at the 2 folders. We also got our packet of DCFS standards. Also overwhelming. In addition to all of that, we ALSO received a list of products that have been recalled and that we cannont have in our house, including baby items and non baby items. AHHHH, it made us realize exactly how much we are going to need. Unfortunatly, we dont have the money to go out and buy it all. We are parying that God will provide us with the "stuff" we need. But in the meantime, im going to worry, because i am a worrier.

Next step? Well, once our pastoral reference letter arrives at the agency, we will be contacted to have a meeting with the staff pastor. He will ask us questions to make sure we are a good match for the agency and that Josh and I are in a place to love a nuture a child. (I have no doubt about this step, we wil do fine). After this is completed we can register for our class. Its 9 weeks long, one night a week for three hours. This will give us tools to use at home with the children. Because a lot of them come neglected and abused we will need to know how to handle it. Im looking forward to this class, i think a lot of our questions will be answere. And upon completeion we will be one step closer to receiving our first placment. After our paper work is turned in and our class is completed our file will be presented to that staff at the agency. They will sit down and look through "us" and see if our home is a safe place for a child. Not just our physical home but also our emotional and mental home. Once we receieve our liscense from DCFS we will be done. It is still a few months away but Josh and I are so excited. We are really looking at this as our mission field. So keep up the prayers, we are really going to need them in the next few months!

Love U guys, E and J.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

We got mail!

Well friends, we have finally heard back from the agency. We are attending a meeting this tuesday. At the meeting we will learn more about the agency and what paperwork we need to fill out for DCFS approval. We will also be able to register for our training class. The training class is about 5 weeks long and will equip us with tools and resources to help us deal with situations that we may experience.

We will be sure to update you all after our meeting on tuesday!

Monday, June 2, 2008


I have never been a patient person. When Josh tries to surprise me, I HATE the wait. I usually end up getting it out of him ahead of time. He now knows not to tell me that there is going to be a surprise because i can't handle it. A few years ago I got Josh Cubs vs. Sox tickets for his b-day. I bought them a few weeks before his birthday, well I couldn't keep the secret, I ran downstairs and told him right away. Yeah, I know, it's sad. I hate waiting...for anything. So the wait to hear from the agency is horrible. I wanna know the next step, I wanna know if we are going to be approved...I wanna know everything. Unfortunately, I can't know, and I may not know for a few weeks. YIKES. With that being said I will wait patiently, not because I want to but because I have to. And you all have to wait with us...good for me, I will know before all of you! Until then...happy waiting.