Sunday, January 25, 2009

4 days

Its a very cold sunday night here in Chicago. Josh is busy washing dishes (Im lucky, I married a man who cooks AND cleans up afterward) and Malachi is sleeping. There are a MILLION things I should be doing, but just can't find the motivation to do them. Everything I should be doing seems so trivial when I think about what PeeWee is about to go through. Most of my thoughts the last few days have been drowned in the "what ifs" of heart surgery. I want everything to go perfectly but I also know that this is not in my hands. I don't want to have to see PeeWee hooked up to every machiene in the room. I don't want to see drainage tubes comming out of a hole in his chest. I don't want to see my son in a hospital crib. I just don't want to do any of it. I am looking forawrd to the day when I get to blog about his surgery and how it seems so long ago!

Over the past few months we have been blessed to meet so many people who have children who have been through this very surgery. They have been a source of great motivation and encouragment.One of those wonderful people just wrote a blog entry about Malachi! You can read it here... We are thankful to all of you have been praying, sending good thoughts and hoping for the best. We are sooooo amazed at the people God has put in our path we can't wait to pass on that encourgment to a new family who will be going through the same thing!!

Here is a picture of Peewee. He is rolling over like crazy and holding his head up great!! We keep getting told that he will have more energy after his surgery...Josh and I are worried! haha, time will tell, but we already have an active little man.


Erin said...

I will be praying for peace for you as Peewee has his heart surgery. Addie had surgery 10/23 and is doing great! And yes, she did have a lot more energy and strength after took about 4 weeks for her to heal, but after that she was ready to go! Good luck! I strongly recommend you look at pics of other babies that have had heart surgery to know what to expect. There are several pics of Addie on here, you just have to scroll back to October. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Love the pic! What cute little guy you've got there :) Woke up thinking about you this morning- I know that Dom's heart surgery was the best/worst day of my life...try not to worry about the 'what ifs'- as my mom used to tell me 'if you don't stop worrying, you're going to miss living life'...easier said than done I know. In our thoughts and prayers, hugs!

Shari said...

I love your header! I will continue praying for Malachi and you as you get ready for Friday. Hold fast to the Lord and He will get you through this. Have a blessed week1

Anonymous said...

hey there again- wanted to drop aline to say I 'stole' your header for a blog post...if you want it removed, please let me know...hopefully, i didn't cross over a line but I don't know how to make a button and I know I always like to see the person I'm praying for...hugs!