Tuesday, June 30, 2009

a new therapy

Have any of you out there heard of treadmill therapy? He is a link to a news article about it! I talked to our PT about it today and she said she was trained to do it with kiddos. I asked if we could start it with Malachi and she said yes! She also told me that another mom she used to work with has some sort of lift that allows the child to be lifted up (and the therapist can change the amount of weight the child has to bare) and held in position so that she can work on the walking motion. Well we get to use the lift! The mom said that she would donate it to someone who could use it, thats us! After we are done with it, we can pass it on to someone else who needs it! We can't wait!

Today we went to our first ever Gigi's playhouse open play! Gigi's playhouse is a organization that promots Down Syndrome awarness in the Chicagoland area (and I think they have 1 location in Iowa). They have all sorts of programs for children with Down syndrome and their families! We went to open play today, but they also have sign language classes, literacy programs and a friday night club for teens. Malachi and I met some amazing new people and we can't wait for fridships to grow. They even talked to me about starting a Gigi's playhouse by where we live! It's so great to meet people who have walked in my shoes (our shoes as parents of children with DS) who can give advice, tips and even encouragement! I look forward to getting more involved with Gigi's playhouse.

I can't believe that tomorrow is going to be July 1st! The summer is going by to quickly (and our pool is STILL not clean, its cloudy but at lead all the algee is dead!). We hope you all have a WONDERFUL 4th, stay safe and enjoy the weekend!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Birthday weekend

I am officially 26. Yikes, I am working my way up to thirty pretty fast! haha. Josh woke up and made pancakes and egss for breakfast. It was delish! And for a birthday gift? I got a Cricut which is a cutting mach. for scrapbooking. I LOVE it and was able to make Malachi's b-day invites with it! After breakfast and working on the pool (its getting close to swim ready!!) we left for a graduation party. Malachi and Josh got to swim for a bit and we got to visit with close family friends! I babysat Nikki when she was 6 months old, and she just graduated 8th grade! Way to make me feel old! haha. She is an amazing girl and has an amazing mom and older sister! We are ao blessed to know them and have them be a part of our lives! I know Malachi will learn many things from those girls!! After the party we went out with some really goot friends for my birthday dinner. We went to a tapass place and ate a TON of delicious food. I was stuffed, lets be honest Im still stuffed! It was an great way to spend my birthday!

Today we are going to brunch with my entire family (for Josh and I's birthdays, his is in 5 days) and then doing some bowling! There is the place called pinstripes that has a resturaunt and bowling and boccee ball courts. Its a "upscale" version of a bowling alley without all the smoke and drunk people.

Malachi is getting so big! He was playing with Josh the other night and I looked at him and didnt see a baby anymore. I see a big little man! He is also starting to loose that baby look. Tear! His birthday party invite have been sent out and now we wait for the replies! I think we invited about 70 people! Yikes! Pray for good weather, because that many people can't fit in my house! haha. A 1st birthday is a big deal and we wanted everyone to be their to celebrate! Especially since everyone has been so supportive along the way.

I will post pictures later. Oh and I am still waiting for my computer. It needs a new hard drive :(

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Overrdue Update

Just a few pictures to let you know that we are alive. Josh is officially off for the summer. Malachi had a PERFECT cardio appt last week and was taken off 1 dose of his Lasix. We go back next month and they will take him off it completely! Yeah, not as many wet diapers! haha. I am still waiting to get my computer back, hopfully this week sometime. And they were able to get most of the pictures off of it! We hope you all are doing well, I can't wait to be back full time. Happy Fathers Day weekend!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Finally, a Post!

Ahh, it feels so good to see this page! I still have no computer, but am using my husbands work comp. Things are going well here. This past week was busy but we did find time to hang out with some friends and swim with the boys. Malachi is now 11 months old and we are finalizing plans for his big birthday bash this summer. He is progressing nicely in his therapy's and getting so close to crawling. He continues to amaze me with his strength, focus and determination! He is my hero. Today was our frist speech therapy session. Right now they are mostly focusing on feeding issues. He refuses to open for baby food but with the extra help of a zvibe we got him to eat an entire jar of baby food!! Needless to say we will be getting one of those.

I can't wait for Joshes last day of work this comming week. Malachi and I will enjoy time with daddy for the summer. This is one of the benefits of being married to a teacher! I am still loving being a stay at home mom. Malachi is such a easy baby and makes my job easy. I still can't believe he is so big!

Well have to get going. We have frinds coming over tomorrow and our house looks like a disaster! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

a forced break

Well my faithful readers, I will be taking a short "forced" break from blogging. My WONDERFUL (piece of crap) computer has decided to stop working. This is the second computer to crap out on us in a 6 month time span. The we have someone looking at it to see if he can get it running again, until then I will not be able to post. I know, but just think of all the wonderful posts I will have once I make my return.

Real quickly I want to update you all that our Peewee is not 19lbs. We just switched him to a rear facing big boy car seat. He is scooting all over the place, I think crawling will be soon. Yikes. In 3 days he will be 11 months old AND I am working on getting his birthday party invites together. The theam will be "under the big top."

Please keep your blogging fingers crossed for a quick return of my Piece of crap computer!!