Friday, January 30, 2009

in a flash

Hey guys! We are here and all settled in. We got to the Ronald McDonald house last night around 7pm. Its great!!! We love it there and are so thankful for a place to call home for our long stay! I will post more about the house later.

The surgons just took Malachi back! It was hard seeing him go and I cried like a baby! We should be getting an update around 9:30. I will try to post when we learn more!! Thanks for all the prayers and support! We couldn't do it without you!! We are waiting for some good friends and my brother to get here. The others have spaced out their visits so there will be somone with us each day till monday.

This is the hardest thing I have had to go through, ever! But i know the outcome will be so wonderful! I will just keeping thinking about when this is all over!


Anonymous said...

thinking of you all and praying from here....will check back throughout the day, thanks for keeping us posted.

Anonymous said...

just checking in before going to get my little one from school...praying for you and your sweet little babe...(I did warn you that I stalk during surgeries, right?)...hugs.