Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Surgery pushed back

Well...where to start! I just got a phone call from the office manager of Malachi's heart surgon. They were calling to see if we had gottne consent for Malachi's upcomming heart surgery. After talking for a few mins. she said something about the surgery being schedualed for the 30th. I said that we had been told it was on the 20th. After telling me that the surgons would be out of town from the 19-23 she asked who told me the date of the surgery. I told her the name and she said she was standing right there and put me on hold. Kristen (the lady who told us the 20th) came back on the phone and said sorry that they changed it. Well thanks for calling and telling us!! I am beyond angery/disappointed. Josh and I were ready for the 20th. We got put on the list for RDH and Josh was just about to put in his request off form. And now we have to wait another 10 days. Sigh. I just want to be done and over with this. It is mentally and physically draining! On told of all of this the doc. was concerned that Malachi lost weight, which in turn made me worried! We know that he will be so much healthier after this surgery is done with and that makes it that much harder to understand why they pushed it back! Im going to go sulk in my own greif! Tomorrow I will be better, I promise!

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Anonymous said...

Aww man...having to wait for something like this is the hardest part I think for most of us. We were fortunate (funny to say it that way) that we didn't have but a 3 week wait...Dom went into heart failure (partially-long story) on Labor day weekend 9/04 and had surgery on 9/23/04...though it's hard and frustrating, you have to believe that God has a reason and plan for your sweetie and the 20th just wasn't 'his' day...hang in there, the wait is almost over and then you'll start the new leg of this journey with a healthy heart...hugs!