Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Quick update

Welll...Malachi is now 11.3lbs!!! When we brought him home 2 months ago he was only 8lbs!! Way to go Peewee. We might have to think of a new nickname soon...hmmm...any ideas?

Peewee sleeping in the pack and play! Since he started rolling over, we can't keep him on his back! Doesn't he look comfey?


Anonymous said...

Ah, another sweet pic of your little one-he's such a doll :) Good news about the weight gain too! Thanks for sharing your peanut with us...

Shari said...

I think Peanut is much more flattering than PeeWee. I guess it reminds me of my old days in the 80s. I am praying for him and you as the week comes to a close and surgery gets closer.