Saturday, January 31, 2009


Malachi had his first bottle since midnight on thursday and boy did he suck it down!! We were told lat night they probablly wouldn't start feeding him untill late night today. Whelp, the doc said he looked GREAT and that he thought they could move the feeding up to 8 am. Woo Hoo! The nurse has to feed him right now, but we are expecting tomorrow or the next day to be able to do it!

We still can't hold him because he has the drain line in still. They want to make sure the excess blood is draining away from his heart and not pooling around it. As soon as they take that out we will get to start holding him!! I can't wait! (the doc was just in and said they might be able to take it out tomorrow!!)

The resident ICU doc was just in and told us that they are weening him off the pain meds that cause sedation and switching him to Tylanol with codine! He should start to be a little more awake now. She said that hes doing great!

We are just relaxing while we wait for visitors. Today we have a big group comming up. Amanda, Will, Aunt Katie, Grandma Lucci, Mark, heidi and uncle Mark! We are so lucky to be surrounded by so many people who love Malachi and us. They only let 4 people in the room at a time right now so if you want to come visit let us know and we can tell you when not a lot of people will be here.

Well our first visitors are here so i need to get going. I will update daily as we get new news. Have a GREAT sat.

-Erin, Josh and Malachi

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Anonymous said...

More great news! Still thinking of you all and praying...hugs, enjoy your visitors and I hope tomorrow you can hold your little man again..