Thursday, November 24, 2011

While we were away...

Fist of all...HAPPY THANKSGIVING! We had a fabulous day at my aunts house with my entire family! The food was amazing, the laughter was abundant and the memories made will last a lifetime! I cold go on and on and write a post about what I am thankful for but it seems boring and mundane since we are are usually thankful for the same, health, friends, husbands, are thankful for the same right? Yea, I thought so. Don't get me wrong, today was all about an attitude of gratitude but the last thing you want to read is yet another blog about Thanksgiving...I'll spare you that much! :)

Moving on...Elijah is officially a full time walker! Strap on the running shoes everyone because when he finds his sea legs there will be no stopping him! I'll try and get a video of the drunken sailor this week, it's a good laugh!

Malachi is having yet another procedure next friday. His 3rd set of tubes are going in and he will be having a sedated abr. We are so happy that they are finally doing this. It is something we have been fighting for for three years. I cant wait to know how much he can hear and if there is any hearing loss. Speech is a huge concern, he is sooo far behind, we are hoping to find some answers next week. Unfortunately, each time he has sedation he is required to stay in the hospital for 23 hours for observation. This is a new requirement and not one we are looking forward to but it is for Malachis best interest, so we will grin and bare it.

That is all that has been going on. We are just living the dream each day.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


It's no surprise that winter in northern Illinois suck. It's cold, windy and nasty white stuff falls  from the sky. I am so thankful my children have warm winter coats, hats and gloves to keep them warm when we brave the elements. Unfortunately many children will walk to the bust stop cold and embarrassed because their parents can not afford a winter coat.  We are facing very challenging economic times and many parents are struggling to provide for their children. My husband teacher in a very low income school, where for most, meeting basic needs are a struggle. He has had student who lived out of their car, students who could only afford to wash their clothes once a month and students who will be cold this year because they don't have a winter coat. Josh and I decided that needed to change. EVERY child should be warm this year and it's our goal that each child in his school that needs a winter coat will have one. Will you help us? Can you donate $20 so we can purchase a winter coat for a child in need? Can you purchase a winter coat and send it to us? What about hats and gloves? Do you have extra ones laying around (in good condition)? Please consider helping us gives these children the gift of warmth this year! Please e-mail me if you have any question or are willing to help!

Friday, November 11, 2011


A few weeks ago Malachi got his first ever ear infection. We thought this was weird, he's never had one and I didn't think he could get one because he has tubes. While they were looking around in his ear they noted that it looked like one tube was coming out. I immediately called the ENT and could not get him in till last week.

While at the ENT last week, they confirmed that the tube was nearly out. Dr. M went ahead and pulled it out right in the office. Malachi also had a hearing test which was yet again inconclusive like the 30 million other ones he has had. FINALLY they decided that a ABR was the best option. December 2nd is the magical day when Malachi will have new tube put in, his ears irrigated and and ABR performed. We are looking forward to finally having some answers!

Fast forward to today. Malachi woke up with discharge from his ear. Dr. M confirmed that it is yet another ear infection. My poor baby is miserable! I do not know how you mom's of kids who get these often survive. I'm waving my white flag....

Monday, November 7, 2011

Please be patient!

I am growing more and more aware of dirty looks, the eye rolls and the whispering from people. So here it is, a news flash for those whom have nothing better to do than criticize my parenting...Malachi has sensory processing disorder! His hitting, the yelling, the licking, the refusal of foods, the throwing, the hair pulling and yes, even the grunting is all from the sensory issues he has. It's not because I don't discipline him. Now that you all are enlightened STOP with the childish behavior.

A little more explanation may been needed for some of here it goes.

Malachi is a good kid. He typically doesn't hit to be mean, it's usually for the sensory input he gets when his hand smacks your leg. It feels good to him, it gives him something inside that hes not getting in typical ways. He licks and pushes for the same reason. We are working hard to find things that give him the same input but doesn't include humans (or animals for that matter) getting beat up on. One things that we do use is a pillow. If we notice him hitting we guide him to a pillow he can hit. If he is pulling hair we give him pop beads he can pull apart. But please note...if you are in his face, talking to loud or if there are a lot of people around there is a good chance you are going to be pushed, hit or your hair will be pulled. This is how he was made and had absolutely NOTHING to do with me or Josh.

So here are a few helpful things you can do next time you are around Malachi...
1. When he is seeking sensory input by hitting, pushing or pulling ask him to have quiet hands. Please do not tell him no, as this does nothing but give him attention and reinforce the behavior.
2. Keep your distance. At times, Malachi loves a good cuddle but generally speaking he dislikes people in his space. So don't plop him right in front of your newborn baby because the outcome will be a screaming baby.
3. Talk softly and calmly. He responds so much better to someone who gentle in spirit.
4. Be positive. Malachi LIVES for attention of any kind. We have found that the best way to get him to listen is to praise the positive and ignore the negative. See point number 1.
5. Redirect. If you are reading a book and he keeps hitting the book...find something else to do. Whatever you do, do NOT continue with the same activity if you have asked him more than 3 times to have quiet hands.
6. If all else fails sing. Warm up the vocals and bust out your best twinkle twinkle little star or itsy bitsy spider. He LOVES to sing and responds positively to it as a reward for good behavior.

Above all, be patient with him. His behavior comes from a host of underlying issues (poor communication, the stroke and sensory issues) not because he is inherently naughty. Follow my tips and I promise you he will be a different kid!

Now that I got that out...where is my glass of wine?

Happy Birthday Elijah!

We celebrated Elijah's 2nd birthday this weekend! It was a blast! 50 of our closest friends and family came to party and party we did! We served appetizers, had a caramel apple bar and sent off wish lanterns. We also roasted smore's on the bonfire and opened lots of presents!

Unfortunately, I am horrible about remembering to take pictures! So, thank you to whoever found my camera and started clicking away! To bad the only picture I have are these! :(

A few of the lanterns going up!

It was windy, which made it difficult to light these things but they are so pretty!
And Finally my sweet little man playing with his new 4 wheeler from Josh and I. Happy birthday my little love! I hope all your wishes come true!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

3...2....1...BLAST OFF!

For Halloween the boys were a astronaut and a spaceship. We got the boys up from nap and fed them dinner. I made some yummy soup. The boys played while Josh and I ate dinner with my parents. Then we got the boys ready to go out and get some candy! Our neighborhood is FILLED with kids, it was great to see so many people out with their family, it's one of the MANY things I love about our neighborhood. Malachi was way into trick or treating this year, it was so fun to watch him collecting his candy in his bag. Since Elijah is still not walking on his own, he got to enjoy the evening in the wagon, watching Malachi do all the work. 

Our neighbors up the street were serving hot coco and hosted a costume contest, the boys didn't win, but we had fun none the less.

By the time we got home, the boys were cold and wanted nothing to do with their costumes anymore. Overall we had a wonderful evening!