Saturday, January 31, 2009

Dad's minute

Hi everybody,

Normally Erin is the one that updates this blog, but I felt I needed to write about 2 things after yesterday's events.

The Power of Prayer...
I can not express the amount of gratitude and thankfulness Erin and I feel for everyone that has been praying for us. It is hard to say that God does not exist when a surgery on a delicate little heart that should take at least 5-8 hours is finished with no complications in 3. Furthermore that the breathing tube that should remain in for 2-3 days is removed by the time he reaches his room after leaving the OR. Many would say these are remarkable and amazing things, I say it is answer to the petition of prayer that has been said the multitude of family and friends out there. It addition to pee wee's (or hulk) surgery the amount of peace and calm we felt through the anxious waiting time could only have come from God. Which leads me to my second point..

Seeing God in all...

There have been countless times through thhis entire process with Malachi that we have seen God in action. In the last day or so, we have been provided with a place to stay with no fee for parking, as well as an ample amount of "community food" to nourish and energize us. We have had countless emails, phone calls, texts and visitors to support us. God's hand is in it all. Often we neglect to realiize it is our Father that has provided for our needs. One great example of God's comforting of us came yesterday right after Malachi was out of surgery. We had just seen him and we're in the waiting room as the nurses stabilzed him. Erin looked out the window and saw the following picture. Many would say it is a coincindence, but I say it is another sign of God reassuring and comforting us. Here is that picture as well as a few after surgery.
Thanks for all your support,
Josh and Erin


Anonymous said...

Malachi looks AWESOME!! I'm so grateful that all is going so well for you all-especially your little guy. It's always nice to hear from the Dads out there. I agree- God is amazing. Many prayers for today to be another great day and for PeeWee (Hulk now huh?) continues working towards coming home...hugs!

Shari said...

The window picture is so sobering! That is so neat! Our God is so good! Malachi looks great! I am still praying.