Friday, January 30, 2009


Im in the room right now and peewee is doing well. They have to wait to give him pain meds till he wakes up a little more. They took the breathing tube out right after surgery which makes me happy! He is resting right now and sucking on his pacie. Josh and I have decided that Malachi needs a new nickname...we have decided Hulk will be replaceing peewee. Sounds good right?

They were a litte concerned because he had a "floopy airway." Its seems to have improved the more he is waking up. The nurse actually had to hold his jaw to keep the airway open for about 20 mins. The nurses advised us that we shouldn't stay the night here. They will be in and out a lot and will need room to move around. We are planning on going back to the RMH for dinner and a good nights sleep. We will be back up here for Doc. rounds tomorrow morning.

The nurse just came in and told us that he needs a little more blood they are getting ready to do another transfusion. Ahhh...I am leaning so much new hospital lingo! I will be an old pro by the time it is all over!

Thanks again for being wonderful friends!! We are blessed to know each one of you!!! Love ya!~


Anonymous said...

Wonderful news! I remember trying to stay with Dom that first night-left around 11pm and was back at the hospital by 4:30am, walking the halls...praying for a more restful night for you and yours and continued prayers for your precious prince, hugs! Thanks for all the updates too :)

Whitcombs said...

So exicted for the great news. We will continue to be praying. We are only a stones throw from the house if you need us to do anything there. Prayers continuing. Jim and Lisa Whitcomb