Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Well...the cough and boggies have been caused by a sinus infection! Poor little guy! We got some antibiotics and he should be feeling better soon! The shots didn't go well, he cried for 30 mins after they were over! Dramatics! He is sleeping now and I know he will be VERY unhappy when he wakes up! Im going to get going so i can enjoy my peace! Happy 6 month birthday baby boy! We love you!


Anonymous said...

aww, poor little guy! Hope he feels better soon- you know one thing a nurse told us was to rub the injection site right after the shot was given to help with soreness later....when we did that Dom's shot spot wouldn't swell as much and he seemed to be in a better mood too...little late for this time, but maybe next time? We live about 2 hours from you in central IL, Dom's heart surgery was in Peoria- just like to know where folks are from :)

Shari said...

Happy 6 month birthday Malachi! Ah, poor little man! Sinus infection and shots, too! Do you have a sling? Those things are wonderful when babies are sick. You can 'wear' them around the house and get your work done, too!