Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Short, Short....ARMS!

Elijah is not as gun-ho about gross motor as Malachi is/was. I hate to say it, but at almost a year old, Elijah is not officially sitting up yet. I swear its his blasted arms that are holding him up. They are short, very short, and although I LOVE how un-proportioned they are, it only makes his quest for stable sitting nearly impossible. Who would have thought arms would play such and important role but my PT assures me they are imperative. Since we can't change the length of his arms, or his drive to sit like a big boy, we have to resort to other measures. The step stool has become our best friend and when not being used as a torture device by his bis brother, we use it for Elijah to prop his arms up on. Giving him the extra 5 inches in length has surly been to his advantage and today, for the first time ever, Elijah sat, without the use of the step stool for a whopping 10 seconds. He got a small taste of the good life and I assure you he will be longing for another taste soon. I hope this time it lasts long enough to catch on camera.


Kristin said...

oh those adorable short arms - I finally figured out that's why Max rocks so much - he's just catching himself side to side where his hands finally touch the ground!

Lacey said...

I wish I knew more about what DS kids did at different stages, since Jax doesn't do any of that stuff. Arina is 13 months, and she can sit up, but I wouldn't walk away from her, because she just falls back when she wants out!