Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I hope this breaks your heart

 My hope is that this post will break your heart, leave you in tears, put you on your knees praying and allows you to look into you're "perfect" life. I want you have a desire, so strong, to do more. I want you to ache for these people, I want your every waking moment to be consumed by the images of their sweet faces. I pray that God puts a burden in your heart to stand up and fight with all your being for the respect these people deserve. Will you allow yourself to step out of the box, your comfortable, safe box for just a moment to watch the following video? Or will you click off this page and going on living your "perfect" life? Or even worse, will you watch it and still do nothing?

Watch the video now. 

Are you sick to your stomach? Are tears flowing down your cheeks? Are you moved to action?

Check all of the above for me please.

I will do something. Will you join me? I don't know when and I don't know how, but I will.

God use me. Use all of me to help these innocent children. I am ready, I am willing and I desire to do something more. I know you made each of those people to be more than a body laying in a crib. They are perfect in your sight and an amazing testimonial to your power. Raise up other who desire to help. Surround me with people who yearn to change lives, to get out of the box and to do something. Give me the words to say to those who turn a blind eye. Give me the strength to go and do. Only you can move this mountain and only you can set the journey. Show me, show us. Keep those safe who are already there, left to die. Give them strength to fight and courage to remain until we come.

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