Saturday, October 2, 2010


As many of you know, Malachi LOVES to sign. His love goes so deep that he often chooses signing over actually using verbal words. We love that he can communicate so well with those chubby little hands, but audible noises would be much appreciated. His favorite signs, you ask?  Cow, Eat and Chicken. Little man is so smart, little does he know that you can eat chicken and cows! ahaha

His love for animals is what inspired us to take a trip to the Milwaukee Zoo. His favorite exhibit was the fish and turtles. I think a fish tank is in our near future!!

But the one thing that tickled his fancy the most was walking and the freedom it brings. I LOVED watching him explore. His hands touched everything (don't get me started on all the cooties we were exposed to), his eyes scanned around him and the little wheels in his brain were going faster than ever! Freedom never tasted so good!! You deserve it little man, thanks for fighting!!

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