Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Life Lessons

Lesson # 1

     Today I watched you struggle trying to get onto the couch. You pulled and grunted and screamed and got no where. You looked to me for help but I couldn't help you. Im sure you thought I was being a meanie and if you could speak Im sure you would have told me you hated me. You wanted SOOO badly to get on the couch and you simply failed. I want you to know that we ALL struggle with something, it's a part of life. I am, for example, a HORRIBLE cook and even though I have tried and tried, I still can not make a descent meal (I apologize for the less than appetizing meals you will endure when you are older). You see, I love you VERY much and want you to succeed in everything but you will never succeed on your own if I do it all for you. I'm trying to teach you to be independent (big word for you right now, but when I am long gone and you are reading this, you will understand). You have to learn to do things on your own and you do that with trial and error. Although it kills me to watch you get so frustrated, it's something I just have to do. Remember we went through this after your stroke? You couldn't hold your cup and wanted me to do it all the time for you. After a few days of showing you how while helping you, I stopped. Within a matter of hours you figured out how to hole the cup all by yourself. I still remember the smile you gave us when you realized you could do it. You were so proud. One day I will see that same cheeky grin when you master getting on the couch, I can't wait. But until then you must struggle and try to remember that their are lessons to be learned along the way.

I love you little man. Please never give up!

Life lesson #1 was brought to you by mom.

The first time you held you cup all by yourself a week after your stroke!!

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