Friday, October 15, 2010

I fail

Well we are about 1/2 way into October and I have already failed on my goal of posting each day this month. Oh well, no need to cry over spilled milk (not that Im crying).

Phew, I feel like I can finally take a breath, this past week has been crazy 3 doc appointments, 4 hours of therapy all on the same day and we have spent 10 hours in the car in the past 3 days. Monday we had Malachi's appointment at the feeding clinic. It went wonderful, we got some answers and some new things to work on. Thankfully she thinks this is something he will overcome. Great news!

Thursday we went to the eye doc. He said that his Rx hasn't changed. He is near sided, which we knew, but his right eye is twice as bad as his left. He is worried that he will at some point stop using his right eye which means it will start crossing and become lazy. So he suggested we work on the glasses (ugh, this is NOT going to be fun as Malachi HATES anything on his head or face). We will monitor this closely, surgery is an option if it gets to that point. We are praying it doesn't.

Today we headed by the lake for Malachi's first dentist appointment. I have been dreading this for weeks. Malachi HATES brushing his teeth (at least for me, Josh says he does fine for him, typical) and I knew it would be a fight to get him to open. The dentist specializes in kids with special needs, so that was great. They knew just how to get him to relax and open. And the best news...NO CAVITIES! Woo hoo! We have thought for a while that Malachi may have an extra tooth. After an x-ray we were informed that he is actually missing a tooth. This is actually good because his teeth are already crowded and the missing tooth will allow for extra space for the others. She said it's nothing to worry about. We also learned that the "extra tooth" we saw was not extra. This silly little tooth that looks so out of place is actually fused (below the gum line) to it's neighbor. Talk about jacked up teeth. haha Just blame it on the Down syndrome. Like the missing tooth, she said this was nothing to worry about. He goes back in 6 months for another check up. Elijah will go at that time too!

Now your caught up. Have a great weekend. Stayed tuned I have a VERY cool story to share tomorrow!

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Kristin said...

It has been much harder to get into the 31 for 21 challenge this year for me too. I can't imagine taking Max to the dentist for the first time. Any finger gets remotely close to his mouth and he bites - hard!