Thursday, October 7, 2010

What my kids are...

My Kids are...

Loved, so loved.
Strong, overcoming so much
Silly, laughter beams from their mouth
Smart, they are able to enjoy the sweeter things in life
Willing, loving everyone and everything no matter what
Challenging, it's not always easy
People, despite what other may thing
Worthy, of so much more than many will give them credit for
Beautiful, from their almond shaped eyes to their sandal gap toes
Gifted, their presence can change your mood in an instant
Encouraging, the troubles in your life seem like nothing compared to what they go through
Blessed, so many will be on this journey to cheer them along
Stubborn, they are not always happy and easy going
They are a gift, sent to us to teach us, love us, challenge us, encourage us and bless us. Everything we do for them, they do for us  x10, not because they have to but just because of who they are. They are a gift that we are so unworthy of but so thankful for. 

Thank you my sweet boys for being nothing more than you. 
Love, Mommy and daddy

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Emily said...

They ARE a gift... and a darling one too!