Saturday, October 16, 2010


We are always told stranger danger. It's a catchy way of reminding our children that strangers can be dangerous. Well even to this day I am leery of strangers, especially the creepy ones we meet at the mall and ask if my children are twins...come on people! This past week I was contacted by a stranger on Facebook. Yikes, I got the goose bumps. She wanted to be friends and sent a little note along with her friend request stating that our children had similar stories. I did something i NEVER do, I accepted a strangers friend request on Facebook. This lady now had access to pictures of my family and most importantly my innocent children. I decided to send her a message and after a few casual messages back and forth I found out that her 2 year old daughter had a stroke on October 1st. Then it all came flooding in. I had recently posted Malachi's story on a pediatric stroke awareness fan page. So while I was sitting in the waiting room at Malachi's eye appointment I began to cry. All those feelings of hopelessness, fear, and worry came flooding back in by simply thinking of what this stranger was going through. She messaged me again and said the location of the hospital where they were at. I sat in my chair, completely unaware of my screaming children and realized we were AT THE SAME HOSPITAL! I wrote back and said that I was there and if it were alright with her, we would come for a quick visit.

After we were done with the appointment we headed up to the PICU to see a complete stranger who is in the same place we were only a few months ago. I no longer feared this woman but instantly felt a bond with her. Her daughter only a few months younger than Malachi laid in her crib sweetly resting. Her room adorn with balloons, pictures and cards from family and friends. After a little while of visiting we left vowing to get together when her sweet little one is feeling better. We are so looking forward to that day.

 I love that we could be a source of information, encouragement and hope for her and her family. God truly worked that day and I still can't believe this stranger will now be a friend for life.

Please say a prayer for sweet J. She has come a long way but her journey is just beginning. Continue to fight, work hard and never give up and you to will beat the stroke!


viv said...

that is so amazing and so fantastic !!This journey is truly amazing !

Emily said...

Oh wow... how amazing is that. So glad you were able to be there for her!

Kristin said...

Wow - not a coincidence. Wonderful heavenly intervention :)

summer said...

Wow!!! Amazing!!!! Thank you for sharing!!! Your boys are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!