Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Wild ride

The story begins early Sat. morning. Peewee decided to get very upset (for no known reason) and he wailed for a good hour. He was coughing and even puked. He was not peeing as much as he should have been (he is on a lot of Lasiks still). I knew something was going on. Josh and I both decided to wait and see. Peewee finally fell asleep and was good most of the day. Around 4 he had another fit and threw up again. He was also VERY stuffy and still coughing. (and he had runny poop since late friday night) We decided to call the Surgon. Josh talked to the surgons nurse and she said that we needed to take him to the ER. He didn't specify which ER so We decided to take him to a hospital in Rockford and figured they could transport him to Rush if need be. We got there and they hurried him back to being a series of test. He tested positive for RSV and influenza A and b. The doc (Dr. Asia, we really liked her) called Dr. P and he said to get him to Rush. Rockford Memorial decided to transposrt him via heliocopter but Rush didn't like that idea. So we took a 2 hour ambulance ride. We got here around 11 last night. His resperations were right around 90. Everything else looked good. They are re-doing some of the labs to make sure. Dr. P should be in around 10 am. We should know more after he checks him out!

We will let you know more later!!


Anonymous said...

sounds like an eventful first day home, in our thoughts and prayers for this to pass quickly for your little one...hugs!

Stephanie said...

Oh my goodness I cannot believe that! I am so sorry. You all are in my prayers every moment I remember you (and its a lot) I love you all sooooooo much!!!