Sunday, February 1, 2009


They took the foley out but now they are worried because he is not peeing enough. The nurse today (who im not fond of) said very matter of factly that "she will get his peeing under control." Alrighty then nurse. They also tried to ween him off of oxygen last night but his O2 level kept dropping. They want it in the 90-100 range he was in the 70-80 range. Needless to say they has to put it back on. Hopfully this wont hinder his recovery and that the stats will rise. Please pray for pee and oxygen! Other than that he is doing okay. He is awake more and more and letting us know when he wants something. The hard part is that we don't know what he wants and nothing really seems to sooth him. I think he is in pain and that breaks my heart! We are still waiting for the doc to come in today after we talk to him we will have a plan of what can be removed. We are hoping for the chest drain tube and the av line. We still haven't been able to hold him which also breaks my heart when he is crying. Anyone who knows him knows he isnt a cryer but Josh said he had a rough night last night. (Josh stayed and I went to RMH to sleep. Tonight we will switch)

Well the resident docs are making their rounds. I call them the traveling trio. There is one doc. with 2 residents and they go around to each room and talk about the progress of each patient. Its funny to watch. Last night the lady doc came in and listened to his heart for a few mins. Then the other 2 took their turn and they talked about what they heard! Makes me laugh! One of the guys actually went to high school with me and graduated the same year! Small world.

Dr. P just popped in so I have to get going. I will let you know any new updated!

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