Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The last 24 hours from both sides

Josh's Side
Leaving the hospital was very hard. I was able to make back to our house via my in-laws. They graciously offered to give me a lift so I could leave Erin with the car. Upon arriving home (around 9) I did the quick check. However I realized that it was very empty with no Erin, no Pee Wee, and no pups. I went to bed after a series of calls to check on Erin and Malachi. This morning I awoke and went to work and was extremely distracted. However as I was trying to get my desk organized I stumbled upon a stack of get well cards my students had created for Malachi. It was just the lift I needed. I was very encouraged by the overwhelming amount of support I received from my coworkers (thanks guys I know many of you are reading this). During the day I talked to Erin around 9 am or so and found out they put a feeding tube in. My heart hit the floor. I realized that I had to be up there. So after cashing in some favors and calling on some friends at work I had my sub plans for another two days done. I also found out that his heart rhythm was in his normal pattern (at least for a couple hours).I then hopped in the car and drove to see my wife and son. As I was coming to the hospital I found out that Erin was able to hold Malachi! My heart was filled with joy. I realized that when I was walking into the hospital I felt like I was coming back home. It is surprising how quickly you adapt to your new settings. Well I am now back in my "hospital" gear and back in the swing of life in the PICU.

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Andrew, Arianna, Liam, and Asher said...

I'm glad you are all together again and that Erin got to hold your little guy! We are praying for you all!