Tuesday, February 17, 2009

To good to be true

Guess what?? We are back at Rush! Nope, Im not kidding. Peewee was admitted and we just recently got into our room. Im not gonna lie, its feels like home. Our NP suggested we bring him into the ER. She was worried that he was dehydrated (he was). So we came up and here we will stay.

I have a theory. Peewee is on Lasiks which gets the extra water out of him so it doesnt build up in his lungs/heart. Well this is the second time peewee has been admitted and given an IV for dehydration. We are at home less than 48 hours when he begins to act up again. My theory is that he is on way to much lasiks which is dehydrating him. I think I might be right on this one! We will be talking with his cardiologist tomorrow morning!!

I am asking you all again to pray! Pray that we get this figured out so we can go home for good!!!


Anonymous said...

still praying here....interesting thought about the lasix (sorry spelling's wrong), hope that you've got it figured out and the doctors agree....hoping you're home for good soon. in our thoughts and prayers!

Kelly Zimm said...

What a bummer!
I will be praying that the docs get it figured out and will listen to your theory....give Pee Wee a smooch from Idaho!

Stephanie said...

I think you are right on the Lasix! That and I think the sodium it too much and not needed anymore (It could even put him into heart failure) So I am praying for you guys! Let me know if you are in need of assistance! LOVE YOU