Monday, February 16, 2009

A new discovery

Malachi had reflux! The doc said that Malachi has been showing some signs of it for awhile. They are still planning on sending him home today and our pediatrician can follow up on it when we get home. But you know how that goes, I feel like the "maybe tomorrow" line will come out of the next person that walks through our door. Ahhh...One day this will all be over and we will have a HEALTHY little boy! Right??

We are still waiting for the docs. to do rounds and for dr. P to come in and tell us the plan for the day. They just had to put oxygen on him again, his puls ox was reading in the low 80's. It happens when he is in a deep sleep. We are STILL waiting for his cultures for RSV and influenza to come back.

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Lacey said...

Hi there, he is so cute. When they first discovered Jax had reflux he would spit up a lot. He also would act like he was swallowing or gagging. The big thing that happened to him though was he started wretching and then stopped breathing because he aspirated. It seems like most kids with heart defects have reflux. They seem to be a pair. They started Jax on prevacid first to see if that would help.