Friday, February 6, 2009

An update and pictures

Things are going well here. Its seems like Malachi has been in Sinus rhythm most of the morning and majority of yesterday. The bedside swallow study is going to be at noon today. The specialist is going to come up and feed him and then depending on what they say will determin what furthur evaluations they will need. We are hoping that he wont need any furthur evaluations, but we are ready if they need to. He has been very restless and crying a lot. The nurse is going to see if she can give him adovant. Here are some long overdue pictures from the last week. Ps. Peewee is 7 months old today!! Yeah little man!

Me and peewee. Hes so cute.

Malachi sitting up and talking with daddy.

I get to hold him for the first time after 5 days.

sleeping baby

blood transfusion number 3. In the middle you can see the remaing blood going in.

playing with his friends

I got to feed him for the first time on day 2.

This is a GREAT gift we got from Joshes co-workers. He loves this little bunny.

Our home away from home...RMH!

The incision and drain tube.

The view from the hospital walkway.


Andrew, Arianna, Liam, and Asher said...

He's a beautiful little man! Its so sad to see him there with all the tubes but you can just see that he is so brave! We're praying he can come home soon!

Anonymous said...

what a cutie- even with the extra our prayers that lil man will continue to get stronger and stop taking these side roads and get ready to come HOME...hugs, he's such a sweetheart, your smile holding him shows the love you feel so well, thanks for sharing your little one with us...

Stephanie said...

I love the pictures! I am so glad you got to hold him! I am sure it was hard not being able to for so long. I miss you guys so much and cant wait to see you tomorrow. :)
Love you, you are ALL in my prayers!

JRS said...

Keep doing great kiddo!