Sunday, February 15, 2009

Quick update

Malachi is doing well. We are still waiting to get his culture results back. Dr. P came in and said that everything looked good and that we did the right thing by bringing him in. (I feel good about that) I looks like we will be going home tomorrow if everything goes well tonight. We talked to the nurse about getting a vacuum machine to suck boogers out at home. The bulb syring works, but not great. We are hopeing they will let us "rent" one as it will be better for peewee and his breathing. Thats all the news I have right now. We hope everyone enjoys their sunday!

PS. Thanks for the continued prayers!!


Stephanie said...

I am soooooo glad to hear that! I was so worried!! We're coninuing o pray! Love you all.

Andrew, Arianna, Liam, and Asher said...

My goodness! I didn't even know you all had gone back. I'm glad he's doing better again!

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you and your sweet lil one, hoping that Sunday was a better day for all of you. You should be able to rent one of the machines either through the hospital or check with a home health agency. We rented a nebulizer with our oldest that we ended up purchasing (rent to own thing). They took our insurance which reduced the monthly cost as well...just a thought, sorry for the novel. in our prayers, hugs.