Tuesday, February 3, 2009

what a difference a day makes...again

As I wrote last night yesterday was a fabulous day. Malachi did amazing. We were already to start another great day. However peewee decided there was a change of plans. Josh was woken up this morning by the doc. taking his drain tube out. Things were looking good and we expected to be out of here by the weekend. I got to the hospital around 7:45 this morning. I saw a nurse in the hallway and she said that peewee was active. I though she just meant that he was awake and wiggling around. Boy was I mistaken. When i turned i saw about 15 people in Malachis room and another 20 people standing in the hallway. I didn't see josh anywhere. after a few mins a nurse came up to me and told me what was going on. Apparently his heart rate shot up to over 200 and his heart beat was not normal. They were giving him shocks to see if they could shock it back into a correct pattern. They were also trying to get the rate down. After about an hour the meds started to work and brought the rate back down. They had to put his AV line back in. They had trouble doing that. There was blood everywhere. During all of this they shocked his heart 5 times to get it to beat normal. It didnt work. Everyone has cleared out and things have settled down a bit. His rate is under control but his beat is not. They have a specialist looking at it right now to figure out the next plan. God made malachi a fighter and he is not giving up that easily! So much for going home this week! Please pray for Malachi as our road to recovery just got a lot longer!!


Anonymous said...

what a roller coaster ride this experience is turning into for you and your sweet little lovebug....continued prayers from us for your sweetie, you both and for the doctors to figure out this new development...hugs!

JRS said...

I am saying prayers for your little one and your family.

Kelly Zimm said...

I heard about your blog via another blog and wanted to stop in and tell you that Malachi is being prayed for here in Idaho...hang on, little pee wee!