Saturday, February 7, 2009


The AV line is out!! The CVP line is out. The oxygen is off. The Holter moniter is comming off soon! The IV is out. Our little man looks naked without all of that on! He is having a GREAT day. I got to feed him at 9am and he did amazing!! The doc came in and told us that his lungs are clearing up and that all his levels have been perfect! Today is the last day of the antibiotic and they are cutting back on his Lasik. The also cahnged his blood tests from every 4 hours to every 12 hours. Unfortunatly we will still be here for a few days. They can't release him till they get the results back from his Holter moniter. Since it is sat. and the people who analyze them don't work on weekends, we are stuck here. (not that they would let him out this weekend, but even if they did we wouldnt be able to) The doc. was thinking they wouldnt get the results back till tuesday or wed. Im hoping we will be out by next weekend! More exciting news is that we can finally start putting clothes on peewee!! We went to target last night and got some outfits that wouls work with all his wires. Can't wait to put him in it!

So josh and i are going out tonght! We have decided to go see Blue Man Group. Im excited to get out and enjoy a night with my hubby.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful news on a lot of areas this morning :) Glad to hear it, prayers for it to continue...had to laugh at the clothes comment-our hospital didn't do clothes until the day you check we had a naked little one for a few days...enjoy your evening off :)

Kelly Zimm said...

This update makes my day!
So happy to hear this....
Enjoy your night out!