Wednesday, February 18, 2009

same old

Things are going well here. Peewee just got taken off his iv fluids and they were going to sned us home. The Cardio specialist came in last min and said that they wanted to keep us one more night to moniter him and make sure the same thing doesnt happen again. He had an x-ray and it showed that his lungs were wet (meaning he is retaining water) so they just gave him an extra dose of Lasix's. This is the same thing they did last time and we were up here in less then 24 hours. If this happens again im going to take him to a different hospital and see what they think the issue is. One day all of this will be a distant memory, I wish that day was tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I know this has got to be frustrating for you and your our thoughts and prayers for this to be a 'distant memory' as soon as possible, even if that isn't tomorrow...hugs!

Stephanie said...

Miss you! LOVE You!I totally wish we werent moving right now. I would be there every night. UGH stupid moving :(