Sunday, February 1, 2009

not so good news

I have some not so good news. Malachi is constipated. Poor baby. There is some other not so good news, they did a blood test a few hours ago and found out his white blood cell count is up signifying an infection somewhere. They just did a urin culture and saliva culture to check for infection in those areas. They also ordered a x-ray to check for bowel blockage. He also has a small fever of 100.5. I will write more when i get more info!


Anonymous said...

still praying here...I remember with Dom having to leave the room. he kept crying and our nurse explained that sometimes it's harder for the kiddo with mom/dad there but not able to pick them up...hence more crying :( Praying for your little guy's systems to get going soon- on all fronts...hugs!

Anonymous said...

just checking in today to see if there was any 'new' and your precious sweetie are in our thoughts and prayers- hoping today is a better day for all!