Thursday, February 5, 2009

Junctional vs. Sinus

Malachi's little heart just can't decide how he wants his heart to beat. He was in a sinus (good heart beat with p-waves) for a few hours and then switched back to junctional. It seems this morning he is in a sinus rhythm again. Pray that he stays there. They are still seeing fluid in his lungs (not good) so they are treating him with 2 antibiotics. He had an okay night. He was pretty fussy for about 2 hours and they couldn't get him settled down. (The nurse actually cahnged patients, he was to much for her to handle...thats our little man lol). They are talking to the docs today about increasing his feeding amount. He still has the NG tube in and will untill the swallow study. We still do not know when that is. It looks like we wont be going home anytime soon. This all leads me to my list of prayer requests. Here is it...

1. pray for the fluid to leave his lungs
2. pray for restful days and nights for Malachi, he needs them to heal.
3. pray for strength for Josh and I, this is the hardest thing we have had to go through, ever!
4. pray for knowledge for all the nurses and doc.
5. pray for a good swallow study result.
6. Pray for finances, our stay will most likely double (we didn't plan for this)
Josh is back at the hospital with me (thanks to all of you at Lakewood who helped him get lesson plans done! we are greatful for you!! Thank you is not enough!) We hope you have a WONDERFUL day. If anyone wants to come visit, you are more than welcome. We are not going anywhere for a while!! We miss you and hope to see you soon!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update and the prayer requests....we'll be praying downstate for you all...squish your little one from us, hugs for mom/dad