Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bustin out

Josh and I had a nice time last night. We grabbed a quick dinner at a diner on CLark st. and then walked over to Blue man group. It was a blast. We had great seats (especially for getting them the day of the show). I haven't heard Josh laugh that hard in a long time! It was nice.

We got up here early this morning. Peewee was sound asleep. The doc. was just in and said he looks great and we will be going home this week! He made it sound like tuesday, but I have a feeling wed. or thursday is more realistic! I can't wait to go home to my old routine. I can't write much (breakfast is on the way) but rest asure that Peewee is doing wonderful! We will only be here a few more days, so come visit us!!

Happy Sunday.


Anonymous said...

so nice to hear you and your hubby got an enjoyable night 'off' and that Malachi is working towards coming home, best news our thoughts and prayers.

Andrew, Arianna, Liam, and Asher said...

Hi! We were hoping to drive down to visit you all today, but we just can't all get healthy :( Between a cold, migraine, diahrrea (that would be Liam just for clarification :), and a cough we figured that it wouldn't be good to come and get you sick. If we aren't better before you leave, we definitely want to visit you when you get back. Little Malachi is in our thoughts and prayers!

Anonymous said...

Praying that Weds is your 'go away' day...hugs!

Stephanie said...

I am so happy to hear things are going well. I am strill prying you get to leave asap :) LOVE YOU GUYS!

Anonymous said...

just finished lunch and thought I'd check in on you and your sweetie....I'm sorry today's a rough day- I can only imagine how ready you are to just 'be home'...I know you know that your lil man is exactly where he needs to be right now and saying prayers for strength to fight through this hospital stay and for a homecoming to be sooner than our thoughts, hang in there- your sweetie has come a long ways in those 12 days, praying that soon you get your walking papers.