Friday, March 19, 2010

Change of plans

Eli's surgery got Thursday March 25.

Wait what?

Yep thats right friends. I got a phone call today saying that they were going to move surgery...TILL APRIL 24! An entire month later. This momma was not a happy camper. After some screaming and stomping of the feet 
phone calls and civilized discussions, we got it move up rather than back.

 I mean really all of this so the surgeon can go on spring break? Ha, while I sit in a recovery room with my 8lb 4 month old who just had heart surgery? It hardly seems fair.  while my sons genetic heart defect pays for his vacation in a tropical paradise, I will dream I am right there with him, basking in the sun (rather then the hospital lights and sitting in a beach chair (rather than a sofa chair). Ahh...the good life.

I am thankful. Thankful that they were willing to accommodate us. I am thankful the nightmares will only last a few more nights and by this time next week, my little peanut will be in recovery with a fully functioning heart. Ahhh...spring break here we come...destination? The first day of our new life.


Angie said...

Your family is in my prayers!

Emily said...

Oh wow... glad you got it moved up instead of back. We'll be praying...