Wednesday, March 31, 2010

6 days

and we are HOME!!!!!! Eli was discharged this afternoon!! He had a rough night, his little tummy was not liking the formula and he was throwing up. The docs came in a few times over night to check him out, but found nothing wrong. They think it may be a little bug. We were discharged with strict orders to watch for dehydration. He seems to be doing better.

6 days was all it took for my little prince to recover from open heat surgery...God is so good!!

No time to write now, I've got some serious snuggle time to do with my cord free baby!!


Kristin said...

WOOHOO! Way to go Eli. Congrats :)

Lacey said...

yeah for home. What a little hero!

Emily said...

Enjoy your snuggles! So glad you are all home together!