Monday, March 15, 2010

Potty Training

I know this may be early, but I have already begun thinking about the dreaded potty training. Malachi will be 2 this summer and our plan is to start working on it while Josh is home from work. Bad news is, I have no clue how to potty train. To me its as easy as sitting on the pot and going, to kids, not nearly that easy. So I am looking to you my dear friends who have mastered peeing on the pot...teach me your magic! I would love any tips, tricks or secret bribery to accomplish this goal. THanks!


Kristin said...

I think the key is "when they're ready, they're ready". My daughter just decided one day that she wanted to pee on the big girl potty like me. And that was pretty much about it. I'm dreading potty training Max! It can't be that easy again :)
Good luck! Can't wait to read anyone else's suggestions.

Andrew, Arianna, Liam, and Asher said...

Liam got interested when he saw a friend just about a year older than him potty training. (Oh, and the summer when he was 1.5 years I let him run around in the back yard naked a lot so he'd get to know the sensation when he started to urinate) We started potty training around 2 years 3 months. He was interested in it and did wonderful for about a day, then lost interest. I bribed him with things he rarely gets. At the beginning he'd get juice for just sitting on the potty, then after I knew he could do it well, he would only get it if he actually urinated. He would get a Dum Dum sucker for poop. We'd get excited and dance every time he went, sometimes call Andy and he could tell him about it. He got to flush the toilet (for some reason a very big deal to him) only when he went. I also prepped him before hand with a potty Dvd and book. All my friends told me not to push it, they'll do it when they are ready. Two great pieces of advice I got... don't expect to accomplish anything while you are potty training and don't even start potty training if you are having an easily-annoyed day. That's all I've got!

Alan Anderson said...

"Toilet Training in less than a Day" book worked great for me. I can't believe you are thinking of potty training - that is wonderful. Carter has got to learn to walk before we tackle that one!