Sunday, March 21, 2010

this and that

Those sweet eyes melt my heart! This weekend, in the midst of packing, planning and organizing, I still found time to snuggle and love on my littlest hero. In return I got many toothless smiles, nuzzles and even a few little sounds. Tuesday night we head to our home away from home in the big city. Wed. morning Eli has pre-op bright and early at 8am. After that we plan to go on a walk grab some lunch and enjoy some freedom. Thursday will be the BIG day. It's bitter sweet. 

A few days ago the doc. gave us permission to start baby food. This particular day Eli's choice was carrots. He loved them and responded with enormous amounts of tongue thrusting. 

Malachi got to finger paint with some cherry flavored pudding. He to enjoyed the gooey hands and face. His occupational therapist is brave, very brave. 

He also took his new ride out for a spin. It's a basic starter car and he looks forward to upgrading soon. 


Kristin said...

We have that same bike - love it :)
Praying for you this week!

Emily said...

Oh... your boys are darling!

Alan Anderson said...

Yes your OT is very brave - I don't know if I could handle that mess - but it does look like fun!