Friday, March 26, 2010

Day 1 post op

8:00 am- Eli is doing wonderful! The docs just finished rounding. The goal today is to extubate him and let him drink clear fluids po (by mouth). He is in a junctional rhythm but his BP and HR have stayed normal, so they are not to terribly worried.  Eli is more awake and thrashing a lot. The just stopped the sedation meds. Dr. B said he was very happy with his blood output and that we shouldn't be worried at all. He actually said we were on the fast track out of here, I hope he didn't jinx us! We will keep you all update as the day goes on! PS. If you go to Here you can send us a FREE card! We have already gotten a few, but we love them and cant wait to show them to Eli one day!!

9:30 am- Eli is extubated and on 2 liters of oxygen. They just gave him some more morphine and Tylenol. He is in pain and it breaks my heart!!

12:30 pm- Eli is Finally resting. It seem like they have gotten his pain under control and they just gave him a little Versed (midazlom). Apparently he metabolizes meds quickly so it probably wont last long. We are happy here, we believe we made the best decision we could have. The nurses have been exceptional as well as the docs and NP's. Eli is in the best hands he can possibly be in!!!

Eli is a VERY spoiled little boy! He has gotten 10 cards!! and his girlfriend sent him a cute little worm stuffed animal!!! (Thanks Davie, Eli LOVES it!) We are so thankful you all love our little man, he is a very special little boy!!!


Unknown said...

I'm so happy to hear they think he's on the fast track out of there! I hope his pain gets under control, too. That's so hard to see your little sweetie in pain. Hang in there Erin and Josh! Hope Malachi is doing ok, too! I know this is hard on everyone! Keep up the good work, Eli!

Kristin said...

So happy and relieved to hear/read these updates :)

Emily said...

So thrilled that everything is going so well! Hope the cards keep coming in!