Wednesday, April 8, 2009

PT, OT and ST oh my!!

We it seems as if our long battle to get peewee the services he needs is drawing to an end. Tomorrow we go an get a speech evaluation and then friday all the evaluators are comming to our house for a meeting and to write his plan. We will discuss wht services he needs and what goals we want to see him meet. I found out today that we got a new coordinater, our other one got fired! Which makes me happy, she was HORRIBLE! I seriously think she was only at work 2 days a week and called in sick the rest of the time! Hopefully our new lady will be better!!

Malachi's visit to the cardiologist today went well. They did an echo and should be calling me with the results tomorrow. The cardiologist took a quick look at him and said he looked great and there was no real hurry. So, as much as it is killing me to know what, if anything, is going, I will be patient and wait! But i can only wait 1 night, If I dont hear from them by tomorrow night I will call!

Give all your kiddos a great big kiss tonight! We all have so much to be thankful for!!


Lacey said...

I'm sure the echo looks great. Yeah for therapies.

Anonymous said...

Great news about the therapies! It's always nice to have professionals pointing you in the right direction for therapy-play to work with your kiddo on....couple of suggestions? Don't allow them to combine OT/PT as one therapist- the common reason is at this age, the therapies are a lot alike and can be covered by one person. Which is true- but Dom is still struggling in OT and PT to an extent and I feel part of that is due to the amount of 'early' therapy that he received. In regards to ST, make sure that some of the goals listed are about signing and oral motor skills. The schools rarely will work on oral motor and that is the beginning block for speech formation. As for the echo and heart issue, you and your sweet love bug are in our thoughts and prayers- praying that it is nothing and that all will be resolved in an easy process. Enjoy your first Easter with your sweet little man! Still hoping to see you on May 2- we've got about 4 things planned for that day and only two I really want to do- your Buddy Walk and my husband's best friend's wedding reception....hopefully we can do both :)

Stephanie said...

I am pryaing for you! LOVE YOU