Wednesday, April 29, 2009

1 week?

Has it really been 1 week since my last post? Wow, sorry I have been slacking! Here is the latest updates...

Peewee got glasses! They came in thursday last week. He hates them and pulls them off as soon as I put them on. Its a huge frustration for me, but I am going to keep at it! I know they are helping him see, I only wish I could communicate that with him! haha

We are going to the ENT for a follow up of an x-ray we got. It looks like Malachi will be getting his adnoids and tonsils out soon. I will find out more details today. I have been asking why he snorts and makes funny breathing noises for so long and they kept telling me it would improve once he got tubes. They were worng and at his 1 month follow up for tubes the doc looked at his tonsils and sure enough they were larger than they would have liked. GRRRRR, its so frustrating!

This weekend is our buddy walk!! We have 17 people walking and we are really looking forward to it! Our team shirts should be here friday and we are walking as team "Malachi's Marching Mohawks" I can't wait to see all our family and friends showing their support! It is sure to be a wonderful afternoon!

Josh and I are also going with our best friends to a Cubs game on Sunday. Its always fun cheering on the Cubs at Wrigley!

PT and OT are going great! Peewee does so well and doesnt seem to be bothers by all the movement. We have had 1 session of each and looking forward to our next session on thurday! We see Speech once a month and she will be helping us with some spoon feeding issues we have. Last time we saw her she seggested we get the Zvib to help oral stimulation. I think UPS says it will arrive on our doorstep today!

Enough about us, we hopw you all are doing well and enjoying Spring. Keep fingers crossed for nice weather this weekend!!

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Lacey said...

You so need to post a pic of those glasses. Jax was going into surgery for a couple things,tonsils and adnoids included, when the doc came out and said he couldn't do the tonsils right now because of his clotting disorder. He couldn't be off his bloodthinner for that long. Grr, now we have to back for another surgery. It sucks.
I can't wait for our buddy walk, we are already planning our shirts.