Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy April!

Wow, I can't believe its already April!! Things are going well in the horton house. We are back to a normal routine now that Josh is back to work. I miss his help but am happy to be able to do things my way again! haha

Malachi has started doing a few new things. He has found his feet! He lays on the floor with his legs and arms in the air. Its so cute! He is also bearing weight on his legs AND keeping his trunk straight! He is also trying to sit up while laying in my arms. This makes feeing difficult as he only wants to be sitting up. He is also getting better at reaching for things mid-line. We are soo happy to see progress, although it seems small, its really huge for him! Way to go Malachi.

Next weekend is Easter and I can't wait for the friendly little bunny to make a stop at our house!! Want to know what the Easter Bunny is bringing Malachi? A summer wardrobe from Gymboree. There is a GREAT sale going on right now, get there fast! I got a few things for 3.99 which is a HUGE deal from there! They have a rock star line and I think I bought everything!! LOL a little drummer wanted shirt, a my mom rocks shirt so cute I cant wait to put him in it all! Thank you Easter Bunny for giving me an excuse to spend more money on clothes for my litte fashion model!

Speaking of the prince, he is up and needing his afternoon baby food feeding. Whats for lunch today? I think a little mixed berries! Have a wonderful April 1st and try not to get "fooled"!

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