Saturday, April 11, 2009

24 hours

Well we had a very eventful 24 hours. Friday after our meeting for Malachi's IFSP, we too him to his peds doc. He had a very bad cough and I was worried it was down in his lungs. Turns out he did and he was admitted late friday night. They started an antibiotic and did some breathing treatments. I was so disappointed because I knew the latest hospitilization was going to mean we could go to Easter on my side of the family. We stayed there all day today and was released late this evening. When we got home peewee was very warm and fussy. I decided to take his temp rectally and it was 103.3. He had no fever at all, and now all of a sudden 103.3? Anways I was convinced that the doc was going to want us back uo there. But to my surprise she said we could just moniter it overnight and if he still had it in the AM to call her back. After a cool bath, a cool washcloth and some time in just a diaper and 1 dose of motrin, he is now down to 99.7. Woo hoo. Please pray for Malachi and that we are able to keep the fever down. Tomorrow is my most favorite holiday and I REALLY want to be able to enjoy it with my boys and joshes family.

PS. His meeting for his IFSP went GREAT and It looks like we will be starting this week!! I will write more on that when I have time!! HAPPY EASTER!

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