Thursday, April 16, 2009

prayers needed

Malachi is still in the hospital. Tomorrow it will be 1 week (with a day out for easter). I haven''t had time to write much, but the docs determined that peewee has RSV. He has had a horrible cough for about a week now and he has been weezing. The cough and the weez have fnally gotten under controll now we are working on his oxygen saturation. His sats are great while he is awake its when he falls a sleep that they drop to the 80's. Ughh, so he has been on 0.1 leiters of oxygen while he sleeps. That is all that is keeping us in. Once he goes 9 hours without oxygen we can go home. They put him on a high flow gage with room air and that seems to be doing the trick. Please pray that he can go all night without oxygen so we can go home tomorrow!! This is one momma who is very sick of being in the hospital!! Especially since he is doing great, except for that small wiff of oxygen while he is sleeping. Ugghhh....PLEASE PRAY!!!


Anonymous said...

Praying here for you and your sweet little one...I remember how hard those hospital stays were with Dom- just fine, other than O2 sats...always tried to remember it could be so much worse/different and to be thankful that God gives us what we can handle. Since Dom joined the obstructive sleep apnea club at an early age, I always wonder about that with lil ones who struggle with O2 sats during sleep. Praying that the virus that is causing the O2 levels to drop leaves soon so that you can get back home our thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

just checking in to let you know that we are thinking of you and your lil hulk- hoping and praying that you all get home soon to stay...hang in there, the end has to be near, hugs!