Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Soy vs. Milk

I've been up o my head in poop lately that I (think) forgot to tell you all about Malachi's new diet! While we were in the hospital the doc did a blood test to see his absorbtion levels. It turns out that he was not absorbing the nutrients in his formula and that he was lactose intolorent! She thinks its because he has had diarreah for so long (this is week number 4) that the tips of the sillia in his intestant have broken off. The tips are what absorb the nutrients when food passes through, thus making him react to dairy. So now my peanut is on soy formula. They will re-check his absorbtion in 2 months and we will probablly be able to go back on regular formula! Every time we are in the hospital they find out another thing that is "different" about him. Our little kids are 1 in a million aren't they? Just another joy of loving an extra special kid!!

We are FINALLY getting outside today! Its going to be 75 degrees out in northern Illinois which means we are going for a LONG, LONG walk. We will drive with the windows down (singing childrens songs of corse) and get some fresh air n the house! Praise God for warming us up and giving us the sun! Its days like today that get me through the long winter months!!

Happy St. Patricks day! Malachi is wearing his green even though he is clearly not irish! Do you wear green on St.Patty's day if you are not Irish?

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Lacey said...

We definitly wear green to avoid the great pinch. Theses kids with the "extra chromosone" definitly have "extra surprises" for us all the time. Keeping us on our toes.