Thursday, March 19, 2009

Would I? If I could?

I have been reading blogs out there recently who have been discussing the question "Would I take Down syndrome away from Malachi if I could?" Reading other's answers has had me thinking about how I would answer. Would I? If I could?

My answer? No way! Malachi was born with Down syndrome because that is the way GOD wanted him! Every cell in his little body was created for a purpose and who am I to criticize God's design? I LOVE every single thing about Malachi! I love the way he snorts when he breaths because his adnoids and tonsils are to big. I love his stubby fingers that have trouble holding on to toys. I love the huge gap between his 1st and 2nd toe! I love his little ears. I love that smile he gives me when he holds his head up. I love that Malachi has down syndrome because Ds is the cause of so many things I love! Not for 1 second would I think about taking Ds away from Malachi!

When people ask how old he is and then question why he is so small I get excited, Its another person I can share his amazing story of strength with! When people stare at Malachi because he looks different I tickle him so he flashes that big smile their way! I take every negitive word, thought or look and turn it into a positive. Malachi is everything but different! I don't get upset at the long list of things he may never do because hes got a long list of things that other children will never do! His possibilities are endless and I will NEVER put limitations on him! If he finds the love of his life and wants to get married, I am all for it! They can live with us or own their own if they want. If Malachi wants to go to college, I will help him pack. If he wants to work at McDonalds, then he wil be the best Damn employee they will ever see! If he never talks? Well his hugs and kisses will be communication enough! Josh and I will support him in anything he does or doesnt do! He has the world at his finger tips, its my job to engourage and support him through it all!

I love Malachi and his Down syndrome!!


Lacey said...

I've said on other blogs, I would never take DS away from Jax, although you sometimes want to when he is so sick and we may lose him. He deserves a break from the medical.
Look at those chubby hands, soo cute.

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

I agree with Lacey about the medical crud, but you know how I feel about the rest :). Good post!

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

You've been tagged on my blog. :)