Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Upper GI and Small Bowel

We were at the hospital for 7 hours on tuesday. No peewee wan't in the er, but he was getting x-rays all afternoon. His GI doc. wanted at upper gi and small bowel study to rule out any sort of blockage! So we did it and let me tell you it was horrible! We got there at 9am and they wanted me to feed Malachi pure barrium. Needless to say he wouldn't eat as much as they wanted him to (they wanted 5-6oz. when he normally only frink 3-4oz). So i fought with him for 2 hours to drink even 3 oz. He wasnt having it. I think he ended up drinking 2oz. I had to yell, I mean tell, the nurse that I was not going to force him to drink it, he was coughing and I was worried he was ging to throw up what he had drank. The nurse was a little annoyed with me but I didn't care. Anyways the GI doc wanted to see the barrium all the way to his rectum and thats why it took so long. It was a horrible day, Malachi was grumpy, Momma was grumpy, we ran out of diapers, he pooped through his outfit, and I didn't get to eat untill we left at 5. Im sooo happy its over and we already have the results. Everything looks great! Everything is flowing in the right direction and there are no blockages. They also dont think he has reflux, YEAH!!

I thought I would update you all on his progress developmentally. He has started rollin over again! Last night he was on his tummy and I say him lift his entire lower half off the floor. His legd were straight and he pushed up, so cute. Unfrotunatlly he has no upper body strength, we need to find some ways to work on that. He is also switching things from one hand to the other and bringing toys up to his mouth!!! He was sitting on joshed lap last night and he started playing with his feet too! Hi head control is getting a lot better too, still a little wobbely, but much better! He is doing great and making big strides.

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Lacey said...

I love it when they want kids who don't eat much to drink a whole thing of barium. Yeah for rolling over.