Sunday, March 15, 2009


We might be going home today! His pooping has slowed down a ton! (only one poopy diaper since 4am) They are re-doing some blood work to make sure he is not still dehydrated and if everything looks good then we can go home!!


Stephanie said...

Just wnted to write a little note, I found your site thru another munchkin I follow, Jaxson. Your peewee is amazingly beautiful. You have been so blessed to be his parents. Best of luck to you all, I too know the joys of raising a child with "a little something extra". We've been throught all the cardiac stuff, lungs, GI, you name it. But I wouldn't trade him for anything. I can't wait to watch your son blossom.
Love to you all, Stephanie.

Lacey said...

Hello Hortons, yeah for home (once again) and hopefully you'll stay home this time. They seem to come in bunches, Jax was in and out 3 times last month, hopefully they both are good boys and stay healthy.