Saturday, March 14, 2009

Still here

We are still in Rockford. THe doc FINALLY came in and explained things to me. It made sense, but I still don't think I should have had to wait 4 hours to talk to any doc! They did finally put him on an IV. Unfrotunatlly they could only find one in his head. He has had sooo many IV's that he has so much scar tissue!Anyways, he is doing much better now that he has his IV. They also found out that he is lactose intolorant which has been caused by the constant pooping. I guess this will correct itself after a few months and we can go back to regular formula! His breathing is soooo much better right now. Hi resperations were always in the high 50's low 60's now they are in the low 30's! I hope it stays that way, he is not nearly as noisy! I asked about the vision test they wanted to do and I guess the nurologist wants to see him in 2 weeks. They want to make sure he is back to normal. I asked about his thyroid causing the nystagmus and the doc pretty much told me that they want to check everything else first and if they doesn't show any results then they will check his thyroid. Im going to see if we have a different doc. tomorrow and ask her about it.

Funny story. So this lady walks in our room today and I recognize her. She is the mom of one of my old friends in middle school. Aparently she (an old friend who I havent talked to in a LONG time) saw my away message on facebook (it was not a nice one haha) so she called her mom. He mom is the Director of women and children departments here! HAHA, she heard about this mornings activities (or lack there of). She left me her card and told me if there were ANY issues that I could call her and she would take care of it! Love it!

We had a nice afternoon with visitors (sara and steph, thanks, love ya!) I get to do night duty tonight, im hoping he sleeps and isnt pooping every 5 mins. Im sad we didnt get to spend today outside, it was WONDERFUL here today (even though i never went outside, I thought it would be to hard to come back in!) Looks like we will be here a few more days! Thanks for all you out there who are offering support/ideas!! We are so thankful, hopfully one day we can meet you all in person! Maybe we (all of us blogging moms) should pick a place to meet for a long weekend!! You guys rock!

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Lacey said...

How nice that you have someone on your side. After our hospital nearly killed Jax, now the risk management lady always comes by and sucks up to me. I still hate the hospital, but she can keep sucking.